Friday, October 19, 2012

steph goes to blog class

It's now an annual event, because it's happened two years in a row. I attend the United Methodist Association of Communictors (UMAC) meeting and take a class taught by the blog-o-rific Mary Beth Coudal. Last year it was Albuquerque, this year in DC, and at this very moment people are introducing their new friends and answering the questions, "what is your experience of blogging?" and "what would your theme be?" I tried to escape but Bill from Virginia made eye contact before I could get past him so I had to admit I had answers for the questions.

What is my experience of blogging? I have maybe three blogs, somewhere out there. I keep forgetting their passwords, and I think they are tied to two different google accounts for some reason that at the time seemed sensible. I have writer's/bloggers block.  My themes? There's one on mission and justice, I think one is on gardening, and I think one is for general thoughts. I used to have one I actually kept up with that featured photos of odd signage, but it died off when the umc blogging site that had something to do with villages and continents got killed off.

So - now when Mary Beth asks, I can say I practiced writing an entry and I didn't pass out. boom.