Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Social Media Resources. Squash and Ironing Board.

In preparation for an upcoming presentation for a group of UMC clergy on the topic of Social Media for Churches I've been gathering a list of online resources that I think might be helpful.
Links and brief descriptions are below.

United Methodist Communications has a helpful website that includes a number of topics. is an excellent source for current UMC news; resources on the topic of digital communications and social media; communications best practices; and more.. including how to order print and digital official UMC program calendars.

Great Plains UMC communications office has a resource page: GPUMC communications resources
This website page contains links to a variety of communications resources, including photo/video release forms and how-tos for setting up church websites.

I'll update this list as I continue remembering favorite websites. I decided to go ahead and post even though the entry is not finished because I'm working on actually posting and not just thinking one day I will. 

The garden theme continues this post with a photo I took in East Tennessee, somewhere between Dandridge and Bristol. The hardware store/flea market where we stopped was also home to a vegetable garden, which was home to this squash plant... growing on the frame of an ironing board.

Ironing board with squash

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